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Johann Büsen


August 30th - November 5th 2013
Opening reception for the artist:
Friday, August 30th, from 6pm to 10 pm


The virtual realm of the world wide web acts as an endless source of new visual material for Johann Büsen. He saves unrelenting motifs on his computer in an archive organised by keywords. In this way, a modern picture atlas à la Aby Warburg has been formed over the years from which the artist draws in abundance with a view to creating a universe of inconceivable dimensions on his small and large canvases.

Images are juxtaposed against one another with seeming abandon, in a blurred variety of expressive colours, artistic perfection and rich selection of themes. Büsen’s work can be categorised under the genre of painting, and yet he has never held a paintbrush. The images are made solely using a computer and then printed digitally onto the canvas. The synthetic surfaces avoid all the characteristic style of an artist and reject any association at all with a passionate painter in the classical sense. Like a big bang, the individual image fragments fly through the air and require great effort to order them. But Büsen manages to create a balance in some mysterious way like a skilled DJ sampling and mixing endless reams of music without losing his flow.

Büsen’s visual cosmos is composed of comics, newspaper and television images, film stills, scientific diagrams, LP covers, art quotes and a wealth of other sources. The themes he deals with seem to be equally unending: Hate and violence, the cult of the body and animalism, money, drugs, sex and fashion, gambling and guilt, and much more besides.

But in the end, these picture clips that fill the canvas are all about the issue of personal desire for individuality, security and a sense of the right place in life. In reality and not just in a virtual world.

Susanne Hinrichs (Curator)