Franziska Reinbothe

Group Exhibition "Die absurde Schönheit des Raumes"

04. September 2020 – 07. März 2021

Kunsthalle Hamburg
Galerie der Gegenwart, 1. OG

Glockengießerwall 5
20095 Hamburg

Participating artists: Jan Albers, Sol Calero, Dana Greiner, Dominik Halmer, Franziska Reinbothe, Helga Schmidhuber, Claudia Wieser

Lev Khesin & Moritz Neuhoff

Article in Kunstforum International, Contemporary Liberation Painting (Band 268)

Abstract painting. The Great Reset.
New positions - liberation from the legacy of abstraction of the cultural-political 20th century

Artists: Jadé Fadojutimi, Lev Khesin, Stephanie Lüning, Moritz Neuhoff, Tamina Amadyar

Since abstract painting does not provide its creators and authors with narrative themes, components such as gesture, surface, colour, line and painting action have been transformed in the art and cultural history of the 20th century into content-laden thought-figurations: conceptual impulses for mystical, psychological, biographical, political and cultural narratives. At one of the most effective high points of abstract painting, it was instrumentalized as a cultural-political weapon during the Cold War. As a symbol of adventurous freedom under the sign of the Pollock cowboy and for social democracy, it was intended to trump figurative painting in Europe and the Soviet Union. Thus, "in the context of the re-education programs," it gained a reputation "as a new world language" that "stages freedom.Today, abstract painting is no longer perceived politically, but the production of figurative political art is currently too widespread. Even a depth-psychological interpretation of the abstract is considered obsolete esotericism. At the beginning of the 21st century, this painting has thus been completely rid of the overload of content that was attributed to it during the post-war period and the Cold War. Decisive positions marked the way there. "Questioning, aggressiveness, humor - things, in my opinion, that should be there. "One rampages to a certain extent, one rages until it takes shape." Albert Oehlen explained about himself and his colleagues towards the end of the 70s, a time when abstract painting was "done" after him. Christopher Wool, Albert Oehlen, Günther Förg and Katharina Grosse are among the most important pioneers for a new, art historical chapter in abstract painting. Their works, but especially their attitudes, made it possible to overcome the former models of interpretation and usher in a new epoch - yes, to push the button.Thanks to them, today's younger artists*, freed from the legacy of reception, can engage with the reset of abstract painting that has already taken place. David Ostrowski, student of Albert Oehlen, is one of them. The term "Abstract-Minimal" best describes his works, in which the individual (sprayed) gesture and colour embody a radical, contemporary singularity.Relief, the fun of experimenting, haptic satisfaction, generous lightness of gesture, satisfaction through colour and games also characterise the current status quo. Nevertheless, the basic building blocks remain: gestures, colour surfaces, forms, lines and painting processes as actions are still essential elements. In the following, these characteristics will be presented in their contemporary appearance, exemplified by individual artists of the new generation.

(Larissa Kikol)


Lukas Glinkowski

Group exhibition "Kunstlotterie der UNO Flüchtlingshilfe
HEART - 100 artists. 1 mission."

Kunstmuseum Bonn: 01.September – 13. September 2020
Hamburger Kunsthalle: 20. Oktober – 08. November 2020
Berlinische Galerie - Museum für moderne Kunst: 18.–26. November 2020

Participating artists: Nevin Aladag, Tom Anholt, Jim Avignon, Stephan Balkenhol, Cornelia Baltes, Viktor Bernik, Norbert Bisky, Viola Bittl, Anna Blume, Monica Bonvicini, Florian Borkenhagen, Mathias Bothor, Frank Bowling, Sonja Braas, Johannes Brus, Willi Bucher, Abraham David Christian, Louisa Clement, Felix Contzen, Jeff Cowen, Nikola Dimitrov, Clara Lotta Dittmer, Udo Dziersk, Olafur Eliasson, Inessa Emmer, Meike Entenmann, Jan Paul Evers, Simon Fujiwara, Jochen Gerz, Lukas Glinkowski, Douglas Gordon, Katharina Grosse, Assaf Gruber, Werner Haypeter, Jörg Herold, Candida Höfer, Yngve Holen, Jenny Holzer, Christian Jankowski, Raimer Jochims, Anish Kapoor, Gudrun Kemsa, Jiri Keuthen, Yury Kharchenko, Anselm Kiefer, Thomas Kilpper, Barbara Klemm, Dietrich Klinge, Herlinde Koelbl, Joseph Kosuth, Mischa Kuball, Uwe Kurella, Lea Lenhart, Via Lewandowsky, Axel Ludenzon, Markus Lüpertz, Jonas Lund, Antje Majewski, Rune Mields, Achim Mohné, Reinhard Mucha, Emilia Neumann, Wolfgang Niedecken, Jo Oberhäuser, Oliver Osborne, Trevor Paglen, Christina Maria Pfeifer, Pascal Pinaud, Eric Gregory Powell, Tobias Rehberger, Johanna Reich, Sebastian Riemer, Ren Rong, Thomas Ruff, Igor Sacharow-Ross, Karin Sander, Hans-Christian Schink, Regina Schmeken, Hank Schmidt in der Beek, Martin Schoeller, Luise Schröder, Chiharu Shiota, Roberto Spadoni, Klaus Staeck, Henning Strassburger, Katja Strunz, Stefan Szczesny, Ruth Tauchert, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Michael Triegel, Egbert Trogemann, Janaina Tschäpe, Paloma Varga Weisz, Jorinde Voigt, Julius von Bismarck, Corinna von der Groeben, Annette von Dewitz, Hasso von Henninges, Lienhard von Monkiewitsch, Nicole Wermers, Sabine Wilharm, Rose Wylie, He Xiangyu

Lukas Glinkowski

REAL AND FALSE - 5th Sculpture Triennial Bingen 2020

06. Juni – 04. Oktober 2020

Along the banks of the Rhine in Bingen
and at selected locations in the city centre of Bingen

Participating artists*: Havin Al-Sindy, Axel Anklam, Konstantin Bayer, Andreas Burger, Hans Dammann, Jimmie Durham, Lukas Glinkowski, Sebastian Gögel, Moritz Götze, Pierre Granoux, Sabine Groß, Jeppe Hein, Jenny Holzer, Alicja Kwade, Büste Der Nofretete, Dorothea Nold, Maruša Sagadin, Charlie Stein, Thomas Stimm, Marcel Walldorf

Achim Riethmann

Group Exhibition "Aquarell"

20. April – 06. September 2020

Neue Sächsische Galerie
Neue Chemnitzer Kunsthütte e.V.

Moritzstraße 20
09111 Chemnitz

Participating artists: Martin Dammann, Klaus Drechsler, Petra Flierl, Dieter Goltzsche, Karl Herrmann, Hans-Peter Hund, Leiko Ikemura, Uwe Kowski, Katja Lang, Corinne von Lebusa, Hermann Lindner, Achim Riethmann, Maren Ruben, Cornelia Schleime, Anija Seedler, Max Uhlig, Anne Ullrich

Robert Vellekoop

Solo Exhibition "Towerland"

20. März – 06. Juni 2020

Schierke Seinecke

Niddastr. 63
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Marion Fink

Solo Exhibition "Another level of assumption"
05. März – 03. Mai 2020

Studio d'Arte Cannaviello
Piazzetta Maurilio Bossi, 4
20121 Milano

Lev Khesin

Group Exhibition "Materia"
05. März – 03. Mai 2020

Bermel von Luxburg
Fasanenstraße 29
10719 Berlin

Participating artists: Thomas Canto, Fred Eerdekens, Uli Fischer, Benjamin Herndon, Lev Khesin, Nadège Mouyssinat, Robert Pan, Olaf Schirm

Hirofumi Fujiwara

Solo Exhibition "You're my Utopia"

05. März – 07. Juni 2020

Art Gluchowe
Schloss Forderglachau

Schloßplatz 5a
08371 Glachau

Lukas Glinkowski, Li-Wen Kuo, Moritz Neuhoff, Franziska Reinbothe

"Jetzt! Junge Malerei in Deutschland"

Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Ausstellung: 14. Februar bis 06. September 2020

Kunstmuseum Bonn
Ausstellung: 19. September 2019 bis 19. Januar 2020

Museum Wiesbaden
Ausstellung: 20. September 2019 bis 19. Januar 2020

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Museum Gunzenhauser
Ausstellung: 21. September 2019 bis 19. Januar 2020

No artistic medium has experienced as many positive as negative attributions as painting. With the exhibition project "Jetzt! Young Painting in Germany", the Kunstmuseum Bonn, the Museum Wiesbaden, the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz - Museum Gunzenhauser and the Deichtorhallen Hamburg attempt to determine the current state of the medium. The aim is to provide a valid cross-section of young painting produced in Germany, taking into account all its manifestations.

Lev Khesin

Group Exhibition "Image_Object (The Visual and the Physical)"

Opening 16. Januar 17:30–18:30 Uhr
17. – 19. Januar 2020, 28. Januar – 27. Februar 2020

Jake Walker, Tineke Porck, Billy Gruner, Paul Moncrieff, Suzie Idiens, Sarah Keighery, Lev Khesin, Carolyn Wigston, Anya Pesce, Louise Blyton, Diane Scott, Stephen Wickham, Aaron Martin, Deb Covell, Lisa Sharp, Eloise Kirk, Steven Carson, Dan Rocha, Anne Mestitz, Terri Brooks, Pia Løye, Nicola Staeglich, Ivan De Menis, Ryllton Viney, Lisa Patroni, Michael Muruste, Paul Snell, Noah Spivak, Patrizia Biondi, Molly Thomson, Marlene Sarroff, Ian Wells, Monique Lacey, Paul Bishop, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Magda Cebokli, Michelangelo Russo, Jennifer Jabu, Pim Piët, Susan Andrews, Kevin Lund, David Marsden, Jamin Kluss, Ilkka Parni, Jeff Conefry, Brent Hallard and Louise Gresswell

Poimena Gallery
36 Button Street
Mowbray, Australien

Achim Riethmann


Opening 02. Dezember 17–21 Uhr
02. – 07. Dezember 2019

Robert Chambers, Carol Jazzar, Christian Eterovic, Mette Tommerup, Tanner Goldbeck, Sandy Shimooka, Erin D. Garcia, Marcel Scheible, Sue Irion, Ruth Widmer, Susanne Schwieter, Dan Künzler, Achim Riehtmann, Markus Hoffmann

Alfred I. Dupont Building
169 East Flagler Street
Downtown Miami
FL 33131, Enter from Ne 2nd Ave

Sebastian Dannenberg

Solo Exhibition "American Standard"

Opening 29. November ab 19 Uhr
30. November 2019 – 11. Januar 2020

Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal e.V.
42103 Wuppertal

Marion Fink

Duo exhibition with Sebastian Neeb
"A curious imprint of reality"

Vernissage on 29. November 2019, 6–8 Uhr
30. November – 21. Dezember 2019

BEERS London
1 Baldwin Street
London, United Kingdom

Marion Fink

Duo exhibition with Enikö Márton

"Analogous Dimensions"

Vernissage on 14. November 2019, 18–20:30 Uhr
15. November 2019 – 23. Januar 2020

C24 Gallery
560 W 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

Lev Khesin

Solo Exhibition "Inner forest"

07. – 30. November 2019

West End Gallery
137 Adderley Street
West Melbourne
Victoria 3003, Australia

Robert Vellekoop

Group Exhibition "set off"
Barlachhalle K

Group exhibition of the Landesverband Hamburger Galerien e.V.

Opening: 31. Oktober, 16 Uhr
31. Oktober – 10. November 2019

The thematically conceived exhibition shows one work of art from each participating gallery, which has been selected by a renowned jury. The patron of the show is Senator for Culture Carsten Brosda.The gallery owners will be available to you as discussion partners on site. There will also be guided tours of both the exhibition and the galleries at their respective locations - please refer to our other announcements and the press for dates.An exhibition catalogue will be produced to "set off".Opening hours: daily 12–19 Uhr

Barlach Halle K
Klosterwall 13
20095 Hamburg

Lev Khesin

Solo Exhibition (curated by Gianluca Ranzi)

19. Oktober – 30. November 2019

Artea Gallery
Corso Buenos Aires
52-20124 Mailand

Tobias Köbsch

Group Exhibition "Check your head"
current positions of the portrait in painting

14. September – 28. September 2019

Florian Bielefeld, Steven Black, Sebastian Gögel, Henriette Grahnert, Paule Hammer, Anton Henning, Henning Kles, Tobias Köbsch, Grit Richter, Christoph Ruckhäberle, Kristina Schuldt, Matthias Weischer,

C. Rockefeller Center for contemporary Arts
Rudolf-Leonhard-Str. 54 HH
01097 Dresden

Marion Fink

Group exhibition "NICHTSALSSCHÖNHEIT 5 Release

28. August 2019, from 19 Uhr

Miracles come true!!!
For the fifth time, NICHTSALSSCHOENHEIT will let its covers fall: we celebrate the festive release of this year's edition of miracles

Alessandro Rauschmann, André Simonov, Anna Steinert, Annette Lober, Caroline Schmidt, Claus Georg Stabe, Daniel Kupferberg, Diana Sirianni, Don Doe, Ernst Markus Stein, Esther Fritzsche, Fritz Bornstück, Gustavo Abascal, Hassina Taalbi, Heat*istic collective, Jan Koslowski, Janes Haid Schmallenberg, Jazael Zapata, José Antonio Elguezabal, Juliane Tief, Kassandra v. Aschenbach, Katie Armstrong, Lola Göller, Lou Hoyer, Maia Traine, Marion Fink, Maximilian Thiel, Natalja Korotyaeva, Nschotschi Haslinger, Olivia Guigue, Peter Hartwig, Ricarda Kiel

Eigen + Art LAB
Torstraße 220
10115 Berlin

Achim Riethmann

"EIGENBEDARF" group exhibition in Berlin Wedding / Uferhallen

Exhibition opening with open studios and performances
on August 24, 2019, 4-24 pm 

25. August – 01. September 2019

Participating artists: Stefan Alber, Lotta Antonsson, Liu Anping, Rosa Barba, Quirin Bäumler, Anke Becker, Ilaria Biotti, Antje Blumenstein, John Bock, Peter Böhnisch, Monica Bonvicini, Peter Dobroschke, Thomas Draschan, Sven Drühl, Elisa Duca, Maria Eichhorn, Lena Marie Emrich, Valérie Favre, Elena Alonso Fernandez, Heiner Franzen, Matthias Galvez, Wolfgang Ganter, Yael Graetz, Lena von Goedeke, Asta Gröting, Katharina Grosse, Kerstin Gottschalk, Harriet Groß, Sebastian Gumpinger, Henrik Håkansson, Nicolai Huch, IOCOSE, Miriam Jonas, Peter Klare, Fabian Knecht, Peter Knoch, Jerry Kowalsky, Kunstblock and beyond (Pantea Lachin, Ina Wudtke), Philipp Lachenmann, Ricard Larsson, Werner Liebmann, Adriana Alicia Fanés Molins, David Moses, Jan Muche, Rainer Neumeier, So Young Park, Manfred Peckl, Andrea Pichl, Tristan Pranyko, Achim Riethmann, Tanja Rochelmeyer, Ulf Saupe, Hansjörg Schneider, Kerim Seiler, Anaïs Senli, Yaqin Si, Friedemann von Stockhausen, Isaac Chong Wai, Klaus Weber, Lois Weinberger, Pete Wheeler, Karen Winzer, Norbert Witzgall, Deniz Zagli

Uferstr. 8
13357 Berlin-Wedding

Tobias Köbsch

Group Exhibition "The future is the new thing"

10. August – 02. September 2019

curated and organized by Nora Mona Bach and Sebastian Gerstengarbe

Participating artists: Alexander Schellbach, Anne Baumann, Bianca Strauch, Caterina Behrendt, Christian Weihrauch, Christine Matzke, Claas Gutsche, Florian Bielefeldt, Franca Bartholomäi, Frank Petzold, Franz Rentsch, Hartmut Kiewert, Ilko Koestler, Jana Gunstheimer, Jay Gard, Katrin Hanusch, Marc Fromm, Marianne Thurm, Martin Schuster, Mattes Fischer, Nick Teplov, Nicolas Engele, Niklas Müller, Nikolaus Faßlrinner, Nora Mona Bach, Oliver Bekiersz, Paul Arne Meyer, Paul Sörgel, Paul Werner, Philipp Haucke, Rawad Atfeh, Regina Stiegeler, Rüdiger Franke, Sara Möbius, Sarah Deibele, Sebastian Gerstengarbe, Sebastian Harwardt, Sebastian Nebe, Sophie Kurzer, Steffen Braumann, Taiyoh Mori, Thomas Rabisch, Thomas Rug, Tobias Gellscheid, Tobias Köbsch, Tobias Teschner, Torsten Enzio Richter, Ulrike Zabel, Wieland Payer


Kunststiftung des
Landes Sachsen-Anhalt
Neuwerk 11
06108 Halle (Saale)

"ism" 12th international exhibition of contemporary arts in Dresden

What is art, what can art do and especially what is art allowed to do? Should we reset, reset, rethink attitudes and attitudes to life, use ism as a discussion and attitude of mind, direct the expanded concept of art as a universal definition of human creativity to all areas of life-worldly reality "ism"? Several hundred national and international artists are participants of this year's Ostrale. We are delighted that the artists Christian Holtmann, Johannes Kersting, Tobias Köbsch, Thorsten Passfeld and Achim Riethmann are taking part.

03. Juli – 01. September 2019

Historische Tabakfabrik
Schandauer Str. 68
01277 Dresden (Striesen)

Marion Fink

Ping Pong Basel 2019
Group Exhibition Eigen + Art Lab
(side event of Art Basel 2019)

12. – 16. Juni 2019

Projektraum M54
Mörsbergerstr. 54
CH-4057 Basel

Robert Vellekoop

Solo Exhibition "Fiasko"

31. Mai – 12. Juli 2019

Philipp Haverkampf Galerie
Mommsenstr. 67
10629 Berlin

Sebastian Dannenberg

Solo Exhibition "UNDEFINED"

17. Mai – 04. Juli 2019

galerie januar
Verein zur Förderung junger Kunst e.V.
Eislebener Straße 9 / In der Schuttenbeck
44892 Bochum-Langendreer

Marion Fink

Group Exhibition "Think in pictures"

Donald Baechler, Kevin Baker, Tarra Bandet, Sara Berman, Sam Bornstein, André Butzer, Daniel Davidson, Matt Dillon, Sante D’Orazio, Dusty Studio, Marion Fink, Norbert Fleischer, Torben Giehler, Karl H. Hödicke, Andy Hope 1930, Marcel Hüeppauff, Paula Kamps, Miranda Laprelle, Nemo Librizzi, Kunle Martins, Robert Medvedz, Daniel Mendel-Black, Malcom Morley, John Newsom, Jason Newsted, Jack Pierson, Dash Snow, Andreas Schmitten, Sarah Sweeney, Jacques Villeglé, Kosmo Vinyl, Julia von Eichel, Ouattara Watts, Eric Wiley, Wendy White und Josef Zekoff

15. Mai – 21. Juni 2019

32 Orchard Street New York
NY 10075

Melanie Siegel

Duo Exhibition "Does this come in yellow?"

Stefanie Hofer and Melanie Siegel

13. Mai – 16. Juni 2019
Opening on 12. Mai um 11 Uhr

Galerie Markt Bruckmühl

Sonnenwiechser Str. 12
83052 Bruckmühl

Melanie Siegel

Group Exhibition KUNST AKTUELL

12. Mai – 23. Juni 2019
Opening on 11. Mai um 18 Uhr

Städtische Galerie Rosenheim

Max-Bram-Platz 2
83026 Rosenheim

Tobias Köbsch

Group Exhibition "Die Erfindung der Zukunft"

10. Mai – 03. November 2019

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Japanisches Palais
Palaisplatz 11
01097 Dresden


Marion Fink

Group Exhibition "NUDE female bodies by female artists"

Marina Abramovic, Vanessa Beecroft, Huma Bhabha, Juno Calypso,
Diana de Rosa, Marion Fink, Maria Gimenez, Natalia Gontcharova,
Barbara Hammer, Dorothy Iannone, Anne Imhof, Marie-Jo Lafontaine,
Madeleine-Jeanne Lemaire, Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen,
Jeanne Mammen, Ana Mendieta, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Anita Rée,
Aida Ruilova, Carolee Schneemann, Lara Schnitger, Deborah Sengl,
Cindy Sherman, Elisabetta Sirani, Elaine Sturtevant, Mickalene Thomas,
Rosemarie Trockel, Anna Uddenberg, Ambera Wellmann, Hannah Wilke,
Sue Williams, Allison Zuckerman

04. Mai – 01. Oktober 2019

Villa Schöningen

Berliner Straße 86
14467 Potsdam

Achim Riethmann

Group Exhibition You Are Here

Works from the Peters-Messer Collection

6. April until 4. Mai 2019
Opening on 06. April, 16-20 Uhr

Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei

Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Spinnereistraße 7, 04179 Leipzig

Ekkehard Tischendorf

Solo Exhibition LUXURIA

30. März – 17. Mai 2019

W & F Kunstraum

Hallorenring 1
06108 Halle (Saale)

Sebastian Dannenberg

Solo Exhibition "EASY as far as we can see"

03. März – 14. April 2019
Opening on 02. März, 16 Uhr

Kunsthalle Bremerhaven

Karlsburg 4
27568 Bremerhaven

Li-Wen Kuo

Group Exhibition Porträts zum 70.

Mit Exponaten von Mary Ellen Carroll, Janusz Czech, Jürgen Jaumann, Siegfried Kaden, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Yury Kharchenko, Yongchul Kim, Florian Klette, Ralph Künzler, Li-Wen Kuo, Jonathan Meese, Ed Sommer, YongSa Sommer, Ulrike Zilly und Waldemar Zimbelmann

16. Februar until 30. März 2019
Opening: Samstag, 16. Februar 2019, 18 – 20 Uhr. Introduction: Helmut A. Müller

Nordheimer Scheune
Talstr. 31/1
74226 Nordheim

Torsten Ruehle

Group Exhibition Villa Heike and other stories

Bram Braam, Pierre Granoux, Vanessa Henn, Valérie Leray, Wiebke Loeper, Jens Lüstraeten, Arwed Messner, Manfred Pernice, Sophia Popéry, Peter Ruehle, Torsten Ruehle, Michael Schäfer (photo), Sonya Schönberger, Nina E. Schönefeld, Christof Zwiener

17. Februar – 16. März 2019

Lage Egal (Villa Heike)

Freienwalder Str. 17
13055 Berlin-Alt-Hohenschönhausen

Tesfaye Urgessa

Solo Exhibition oltre

17. Dezember 2018 – 10. Februar 2019

Le Gallerie degli Uffizi
Piazzale degli Uffizi 6
50122 Florenz

Achim Riethmann

Group Exhibition "Bambi goes Art, das Banale in der Kunst" 

01. Dezember 2018 – 26. Januar 2019

Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst Osnabrück e. V.
Kunstraum hase29
Hasestr. 29-30
49074 Osnabrück

Participating artists: Benjamin Bergmann, Renke Brandt, Claire Fontaine, Via Lewandowsky, Michael Müller, Quadrature, Thomas Rentmeister, Tobias Rehberger, Achim Riethmann, Marion Tischler, Susanne Tunn, Erwin Wurm

Robert Sturmhoevel

Group Exhibition "salondergegenwart"

23. – 25. November 2018

Große Bleichen 34
20354 Hamburg

Participation artists: Felix Baxmann, Stefan Bircheneder, Viola Bittl, Lukasz Chrobok, Sven Drühl, Tim Freiwald, Martin Gremse, Vivian Greven, Isabelle Heske, Janus Hochgesand, Steffen Kern, Anselm Kiefer, Daniel Knorr, Ruth May, Anselma Murswiek, David O‘Kane, Irina Ojovan, Magnus Plessen, Carlos Sagrera, Nico Sawatzki, Florian Schmidt, Bettina Scholz, Stefan Strumbel, Robert Sturmhoevel, Clemens Tremmel, Malte van de Water, Alicia Viebrock, Ulla von Brandenburg, David Benedikt Wirth, Andrea Zabric und Natalia Zaluska

Li-Wen Kuo

Group Exhibition "SHAPE!"

23. November 2018 – 19. Januar 2019

Galerie Burster
Kurfürstendamm 213
10719 Berlin

Teilnehmende Künstler:
Jessica Buhlmann, Li-Wen Kuo, Maria Schumacher, Karolin Schwab

Arno Beck

BLOOOM Award Finalist 2018 by Warsteiner

16. – 18. November 2018

Art Düsseldorf
Areal Böhler
Hansaallee 321
40549 Düsseldorf

Achim Riethmann

Duo Exhibition "APPEAR - DISAPPEAR"
Rita Nowak & Achim Riethmann

14. November 2018 – 11. Januar 2019

Opening Tuesday, 13. November, 19 Uhr

In the exhibition curated by Sebastian C. Strenger, the Austrian artist Rita Nowak engages in an artistic dialogue with Walter Koschatzky Prize winner Achim Riethmann about the so-called intermediate world. This is created between appearance and disappearance - photography meets conceptual painting and sculpture. Both positions fragment their world view of things and something surprising emerges.

Ekkehard Tischendorf

Group Exhibition "Contaminated Dream"

11. November – 22. Dezember 2018

Galerie Antonstadt
Kamenzer Str. 19
01099 Dresden

paper positions. munich

Daniel Behrendt
Achim Riethmann

18. Oktober - 21. Oktober 2018

Opening and Preview on thursday 18. Oktober, 15 - 22 Uhr

Alte Bayerische Staatsbank
Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 1
80333 München

Foto: Ivo von Renner

ZOTT Artspace

Group Exhibition "Was Malerei bedeuten kann #2"

Matthias Franz, Paul Mittler, Tim Sandow, Tallal Shammout,
Katarina Spielmann, Antony Valerian

From the class of Daniel Richter
Curator: Günther Oberhollenzer (Landesgalerie Lower Austria)

20. Oktober - 25. November 2018

Opening on Friday 19. Oktober, 19 - 22 Uhr

ZOTT Artspace
Türkenstraße 16-20
80333 München

Kooperation mit Evelyn Drewes | Galerie

Achim Riethmann

Junge Sammlungen 05
What Paradise? - Sammlung Peters-Messer

23. September 2018 - 10. Februar 2019

Opening on Saturday, 22. September, 19 Uhr

Bornstrasse 12-13
28195 Bremen

Ekkehard Tischendorf

Duo Exhibition "Über Kreuz"
Reiner Tischendorf und Ekkehard Tischendorf

21. September 2018 - 15. Oktober 2018

Opening on Thursday, 20. September, 17 Uhr

Kloster Hedersleben
Klosterstraße 1
06458 Hedersleben


Achim Riethmann

Group Exhibition "Offbeat | aus der Klasse Ikemura"


13. Juli - 5. August 2018

Eröffnung am 13. Juli, ab 19 Uhr

SchauFensterRaum für Kunst
Lobeckstr. 30-35
10969 Berlin

Participating artists:
Johanna Hochholzer, Iman Rezai, Sahar Zukerman, Walker Brengel, Kevin Kopacka, Olli Pippo, Lisa Wang, Yuni Kim, Marija Felker, Michael Wutz, Fritz Bornstück, Toni Mauersberg, Zurab Shekelashwili, Emmanuel Bornstein, Lennart Grau, Robert Lanz, Ucha Janelidze, Rona Kobel, Lea Gilloire, Achim Riethmann, Helena Petersen, Anita Regli, Daniel Correa, Mejía Viet, Bang Pham, Aisuke Kondo, Dargelos Kersten

Melanie Siegel

Group Exhibition "KUNST AKTUELL 2018"

24. Juni - 29. Juli 2018

Opening: 23. Juni, 18 Uhr

Städtische Galerie Rosenheim
Max-Bram-Platz 2
83022 Rosenheim

Opening times:
Dienstag - Freitag: 10 bis 17 Uhr
Samstag - Sonntag: 13 - 17 Uhr

Robert Sturmhoevel

Solo Exhibition "HIDEOUT"

23. Juni - 13. Juli 2018

Opening: 22. Juni, 19.30 Uhr

Elfbuchenstr. 20
34119 Kassel

Opening times:
Dienstag - Freitag: 16 - 20 Uhr
(and by appointment)

Christian Holtmann

Exhibition within the framework of the festive event
the representation of the federal state of Lower Saxony

20. Juni 2018, 19 Uhr

Celebration of the birthday of Kurt Schwitters

Vertretung des Landes Niedersachsen beim Bund
In den Ministergärten 10
10117 Berlin

Artist portraits of Christian Holtmann


Christian Holtmann

Solo Exhibition "I'M NOT AFRAID"

15. Juni - 25. August 2018

Opening on 15. Juni 2018, 19 Uhr

Galerie Burster
in cooperation with Evelyn Drewes | Galerie
Baumeisterstraße 4
76137 Karlsruhe

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 12-18 Uhr
Saturday: 12-16 Uhr

Robert Sturmhoevel

Gruppenausstellung "25 Jahre Kasseler Kunstpreis"

14. Juni - 24. Juni 2018

Opening: 13. Juni, 18 Uhr

Kasseler Kunstverein
Friedrichsplatz 18
34117 Kassel

Opening hours:
Wednesday - Sunday: 11 - 18 Uhr

Participating artists: The award winners of the last 25 years

Hirofumi Fujiwara

Group Exhibition "Dialog des Stofflichen"

6. Juni - 15. Juli 2018

Opening: 6. Juni, 19.30 Uhr

Kunstverein Ladenburg
Hauptstraße 77
68526 Ladenburg

Opening hours:
Wednesday: 15 - 18 Uhr
Saturday: 14 - 17 Uhr
Sunday: 11 - 17 Uhr

Participating artists: Hirofumi Fujiwara and AINO

Tobias Köbsch

Group Exhibition "ALRUN RELOADED"

4. Juni bis 24. Juni 2018

Opening on 3. Juni, 20 Uhr

Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz
e. Kunst- und Kulturverein
Fidelio-F.-Finke-Straße 4
01326 Dresden

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 12.00 – 18.00 Uhr
Sunday 14.00 – 18.00 Uhr
and by appointment

Teilnehmende Künstler: Alrun Krauß, Tobias Köbsch, Kristof Grunert, Hartmut Dorschner, Constanze Deutsch, Philipp Gloger, Henriette Grahnert, Stefanie Busch, Franziska und Sophia Hoffmann, Anne Pöhlmann, Tim Kellner, Luc Saalfeld, Martin Kleinmichel, Martin Puppe

Ekkehard Tischendorf

Group Exhibition "OUVERTURE"

13. Mai bis 4. August 2018

Opening on 12. Mai, 18 Uhr

Galerie Antonstadt
Kamenzer Str. 19
01099 Dresden

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday, 13–19 Uhr

Participating artists: Matthias Bausch, Henri Deparade, Heike Dittrich, Karen Gäbler, Julius Georgi, Lars Kohl, Melanie Kramer, Christian Macketanz, Sophia Schama, Ekkehard Tischendorf


Hirofumi Fujiwara

Group Exhibition "SCULPTOUR 2018"

2. Mai bis 23. September 2018

Opening 1. Mai, 15 - 19 Uhr

Beukenhof- Phoenix Galleries
Ronde van Vlaanderenstraat 9
11B-9690 Kluisbergen (Kwaremont)

Opening hours:

Saturday: 14 - 19 Uhr
Sunday: 14 - 19 Uhr
On public holidays: 14 - 19 h and by appointment

Participating artists:
Julien Allegre (FR), Alejandro Berconsky (AR), Nicolas Bigo (FR), Dik Box (NL), Yannic Connan (FR), Kevin Dagg (UK), Hirofumi Fujiwara (JP), Thomas Helbing (DE), Mathias Hornung (DE), Emeric Jacob (FR), Josef Lang (DE), Hannelore Langhans (DE), Victor Notermans (NL), Yke Prins (NL), Holger Schmidt (DE), Mike Schuijt (NL) , Marcel Timmers (NL), Felix Valdelièvre (FR), Andre Vanderlinden (NL), Mir Van Nyvelseel (BE)