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Tobias Köbsch & Sophia Schama

"Spoiler 2"

Vernissage September 06, 2019, 6 pm
Saisonstart der Galerien im Kontorhausviertel

Duration of the exhibition: September 07 - October 18, 2019

The exhibition "Spoiler 2" shows new paintings by Tobias Köbsch and Sophia Schama. The two artists exhibited together in 2012 under the title "Spoiler" in a gallery in Leipzig and reconnect to it seven years later. Schama and Köbsch pursue different painterly approaches. While Köbsch painstakingly works on his realistic paintings and develops them in an elaborate work process, Schama works his way out of the picturesque barley and arrives on this path to an intuitive and almost high-precision imagery.

With his photographic and cinematic image aesthetics, Tobias Köbsch, like other generations of artists before him, plays with the principle of illusionism, the deceptive appearance of reality. But it aims at the technical brilliance of his painted or plasticized tableaux, which are not aimed at a critical snapshot of the current relationship of image and world consciousness. Rather than interest in media-reflective painting in the 1970s and 1980s, he rather tries to depict the aesthetic forms of coding, in particular the emotionalizing quality of contemporary drawing production.
(Dr. Joachim Penzel)

Sophia Schama's pictures are to be understood as hybrid landscapes. The nature of Sophia Schama has nothing idyllic about it. Animals are equal to us here, distanced, not in need of protection or need. The pictures can be read as an expression of a coproduction of nature and society. The fact that nature becomes socialized while the development of society is natural, is a mental complex that repeatedly teases artists with their motifs, without a final positioning, and thus enables the viewer to question his or her own viewpoint between nature and culture. Schama's image worlds are full of confusing motivic references. With only a few painstaking brushstrokes you can create complex shingles.
(Linda Karohl, Susanne Prinz, Jasper Kettner and Hans Gerd Koch)