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Robert Sturmhoevel

"fleet'n [play] yard"

March 22nd - April 25th
Opening reception for the artist:
Friday, March 22nd, from 6 to 9 pm


The idyllic appears here not as unbroken ideal or alternative, but rather as an excessive, fractured idea, the idyllic and anti-idyllic combined. Arcadian landscapes are replaced by empty factory buildings, demolished houses and dilapidated fairground booths, motifs which speak of decay and destruction and forgetting, and which the artist describes as “memorial moments”

Robert Sturmhoevel’s pictures are made up of a basic rep- ertoire of elements, which, following a clearly defined procedure, he “misuses” – a term the artist often uses when talking about his work. At the beginning of the process the vocabulary of the stories is established in small-scale drawings and sketches, which are then formulated and fixed in the water-colour studies, and finally in the canvases.

The current series of 50 small-format canvases, which, under the title “Targets” constitutes the major part of the current exhibitions in London, Berlin and Hamburg, have a particular relevance. Unlike the large-format works, the focus is on single elements: balloons, water pistols, wallpaper patterns, and streaks of colour

(Text: Kim Andre Schulz; Translation: Christina Wahle)