Tobias KöbschTobias Köbsch
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Tobias Köbsch

"S O G"

October 17th - November 24th 2015
Opening reception: October 16th, 6pm


Tobias Köbsch's paintings and sculptural works may seem very different, but they thematise the same observations and mechanisms repeatedly: The conjunction of mediality and reality in our present-day lives, and the resulting questions of the core aspects of identity and ceritude of the world. Emplying a photographic, film-like aesthetic, he uses, like generations of artists before him, the principles of illusionism: the deceptive appearance of reality. His painted or modelled tableaus may be technically perfect but he never aims to seduce  and immerse the viewer in an imaginary world; rather, he intends to critically highlight the current relationships between the perception of images and of the world. Unlike media-reflecting artists from the 1970s and 1980s,Tobias Köbsch is not so much interested in the depictive qualities that are common to photography, film and canvas painting. Instead, he undertakes to show aesthetic codes, particulary the emotionalizing aspects of current-day imagery. At first glance, his works seem to have been created by the grand master of catastrophe. But he uses the show value of these naturally caused or artificially produced spectacles to visualize the myths that are at the core of present-day human existence. They structure personal and social life and are, therefore, used as entities that capture attention and add meaning in a completely interlinked world. The question as to whether the ever-present information on the current crises are reality or illusion, that is, ntv or Hollywood, becomes less important because life itself seems to follow a medial choreography. In his works, Tobias Köbsch deconstructs the aesthetics of the programme structure. Ominous cracks and alarming cuts run across his pictorial worlds, creating scenic effects; however they can also be understood as analytic tools used to lay open the potential of conflict and violence that is hidden unter the surface of society.